PERSONAL TRAINER BIOS

                 Mike and Anne Sturgeon    BCRPA certified, CPR/AED

                                                                  THE HEAD TRAINER--MIKE STURGEON


                                Mike-at 51 years old                                                                     Mike-competing at 24 years old

Mike Sturgeon is a certified personal trainer and is considered one of the pioneers in this field.  This draft choice of the Stanley Cup Champions (The Edmonton Oilers ) achieved the top position in strength, flexibility and conditioning when tested against the entire veteran and rookie roster (which included Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Paul Coffee, etc.) at training camp.  When his hockey days were over Mike moved on to earn trophies in Body Building in the Menís Heavyweight Division, as well as the couples Body Building Events.  He has also  competed in Triathlons and Roller Blade racing at the Indy track.   Mike knows what it takes to perform at a world class level.   Mike has shared his knowledge of fitness with his own weekly fitness segment on a local cable network.

   Mike continues to enjoy the benefits of a well rounded fitness life style.  He runs about 40 km per week, as well as cycling and weight resistance training.  His vast knowledge, also, includes designing and manufacturing fitness equipment.  Mike is president of Have Gym Will Travel, inc.   He has shared the business with his partner and wife of 29 years.  The husband and wife team were awarded the Canadian Achieverís Award (other recipients of this award have been Wayne Gretzky, Anne Murray and many other well known  Canadians). 

Mikeís celebrity clients have  ranged  from actors to athletes in the NHL and CFL, as well as elite UVIC Varsity Swimmers.

                                                                       ANNE STURGEON


      Anne at 58 years old                     Competing at  32 years old      

Anne has been a fitness trainer for the past 24 years.  She has spent the majority of her life involved in fitness on many levels.  Beginning at 5 years old,  Anne took ballet lessons for many years until she exchanged her dance passion for Track and Field where she competed in many events but specialized in 100 and 200 meter sprinting.  Anne played Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton and Soccer during her teen years.  In her late teens and early to mid 20ís Anne returned to her dance roots and became a professional jazz dancer. Anne was an avid cyclist throughout her teen years and well into her mid 30ís.  One of her favourite achievements was a solo bike trip that took her from Palo Alto (about 50 miles south of San Francisco) to Vancouver by way of the Coast Highway.  Anne completed the approximately 1200 mile journey in 12 days.  From the mid 20ís to present day she has competed in Body Building, Triathlons, Roller Blade Racing and has entered 8k,10k, Half Marathon and Marathon Races.   Anne began lifting weights at the age of 18 and still continues to do so today at the age of 58.  Running and lifting weights are a daily part of Anneís fitness regime.  She knows that regular exercise and proper diet are the secret to a long and healthy life and strives to assist her clients to achieve good health and fitness levels.

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